Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor - Vocalist
Corey Taylor was recruited from local Des Moines group - Stone Sour, a runner-up on the Battle of the Bands contest right behind Slipknot. He also worked in a porn shop prior to joining Slipknot as the vocalist, replacing Anders.

Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison - Drums
Joey Jordison is the drummer for Slipknot and is part of the old line-up. He is responsible for the blast beats and double bass drum patterns evident on some of Slipknot's popular cuts such as "People=Shit" and "Metabolic".

Mick Thompson

Mick Thompson - Lead Guitar
Mick Thomson is the lead guitar player and the resident serial killer fanatic. He was recruited by the band through local Des Moines act - Modifidious, and runs his own guitar school called "Ye Olde Guitar Shop".

Shawn Crahan

Shawn Crahan - Custom Percussion
Shawn Crahan is one of the founding members of Slipknot and currently serves as one of the two custom percussionists for the band. He is touted as the man behind the whole concept of Slipknot and always gets into trouble, especially with concert security.

Sid Wilson

Sid Wilson - Turntables
DJ Sid Wilson is Slipknot's turntablist and is responsible for the scratching sounds heard on both the s/t album and Iowa. He is rarely used nowadays and spends his time duking it out with fellow member Shawn on stage shows.

Paul Gray

Paul Gray - Bass
Paul Gray is the bass player of the band and is part of the original Slipknot line-up. Also, unlike the rest which resides at Des Moines, Iowa...he lives at Los Angeles.

Chris Fehn

Chris Fehn - Custom Percussion
Chris Fehn is the second custom percussionist for the band, replacing Brandon. Just like Shawn and Sid, he is rarely used and jumps around most of the time on live shows.

James Root

James Root - Rhythm Guitar
James Root is the rhythm guitarist of Slipknot, and replaced Josh Brainard during the final stages of the s/t albums recording.

Craig Jones

Craig Jones - Samples|Media
Craig Jones is the sampler/synth player of the band and provides the band with sampled sound clips from obscure as well as popular, horror flicks.